Acting Cam III+

Product No. AAA4576A

Price: $667 USD







Shooting with Acting Cam III  you no longer need a tripod or a dolly. All you need is your Imagination!




Acting Cam III+ comes with the AW80 Quick release - the Arca Swiss and Manfrotto compatible quick release base, which allows you to attach or remove your camera quickly with no tool. Ergonomic X, Y control knobs provides quick, precise adjustment of the front-to-back, and side-to-side movement of the top platform.





The disable base design reduce the size for easy carry.


1/4" screw attach holes on the foldable base platform, allow you to attach the balance weight directly or use the monitor and batteries as the counterweight. (Hot shoe base is optional, not including)




The Acting Cam III+ allow you to put the HDMI cable to inside the tube, then it won't be a problem when you are shooting.



Its adjustable handle, make balance adjustments much more easier and you can use it upside down for shooting the low angle footage 



Payload:140g-3.5kg /0.3-7.7lbs



2*85g Balance weight

2*140 Balance weight