UV IR-CUT (4x4) (Out of Stock)

Product No. AAA3680

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Skier UV IR-Cut filter use the lapping optical glass to provide the best quality of image. We use AR coating to decrease the IR pollution, and increase the transmittance rate to 95% more, therefore you can get more vivid and sharper image.


Also, if you already have filter like: PL filter, ND filter, etc., you can combine them with UV IR-CUT filter to avoid the un-sharpness and color shifts.


In the graphic you can see the AR coating decrease most of the haze, and that makes image more vivid. 



We provide 3 different size (4x4, 4x5.65, 6.6x6.6) of UV IR-Cut filter and all come with a carry bag that can protect glass filter well.




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