CS2411 LED Video Light

Product No. ACE0011

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CS2411 LED Video Light


1 meter 68848 lux (15°)


can be shot outside with 3 Sony 970 batteries.





High-speed CPU control, to ensure efficient and accurate operation

 Refresh rate up to 21000 Hz, to provide you the steady shooting experience without flashing

 High CRI, high colour restoration, delicate texture

 Three flexible dimming mode:DMX 512 , single, master-slave

 The lamp beads from the USA famous brand -CREE LED provide the high quality of CRI,

     uniform light and lasting light effect

 Luminous flux up to 5000 Lumen offer powerful brightness

 Accurate color temperature, can continuous adjust the color temperature

 Efficient cooling technology provide quiet and stable performance for your shooting

 Optional external SONY DV 24V batteries power input, more convenient for outdoor shooting

 Can replace the different angle plate to change different intensity of illumination.(15 / 25 / 40 / 60 / 80 Optional )

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