LiteCage for GH4/GH4R (Discontinued)

Product No. AAA4070

Price: $199 USD







LiteCage for GH4 reduce the size of heavy DSLR rig and DSLR cage, but still keep the best of convenience and protection, also capable to attach many accessories you need.




Most important of all, the flip-out screen of GH4 won't be blocked. Allow you to setting up or check the shooting.



Exclusive curve design, allow you to changing lens easily.



Come with HDMI cable holder ensures stable transmission of images and extend the life of HDMI cable.



15mm standad rail system provides flexible accessories assembly.



Cold shoe design allow you to attached any accessories you need.



Fit groove for GH4 bottom enable single screw to grip the body completely in position with no shaking.





Change the battery easily.




Compatible with all Skier accessories to fit every shooting conditions. 


Size:15.5*12*19.2 (L*W*H,cm)/6.1*4.7*7.5 (L*W*H,in)


Plus Goods Purchased


Rod Base

Price: $27

Tripod Base

Price: $32