Skier IR ND.9 (4x4)

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。Use lapping optical glass to provide the best quality of footage.

。Exclusive unique coating to decrease the reflection and diffusion.

。Cut the infrared and ultraviolet perfectly, give you more vivid and sharper footage.

。Exclusive multi-coatings on both side offer crystal clarity.

。Curve polishing on the edge offer smooth and exquisite quality.

。Filter thickness of only 2mm, it can be used for matte box and Cokin Z-series filter holder.

Light Souce : 300W Tungsten, without Filter

  • CCT:2987 K 
  • CRI(Ra):100 
  • Re(R1~R15):100 
  • CQS:99 
  • Illuminance:2871 lux 
  • Foot Candle:266.8 fc 
  • CIE1931 x:0.4382 
  • CIE1931 y:0.4052 
  • CIE1976 u':0.2509 
  • CIE1976 v':0.5220 
  • λp:780 nm 
  • λD:583 nm 
  • Purity(Pe):53 % 
  • Duv:0.0003 
  • SP Ratio:1.5 
  • PPFD(380-780nm):95.33 μmol/㎡/s 
  • TLCI(Qa):100.0 
  • GAI:6.7

Light Souce : 300W Tungsten, with Filter

  • CCT:2993 K 
  • CRI(Ra):99 
  • Re(R1~R15):98 
  • CQS:97 
  • Illuminance:331 lux 
  • Foot Candle:30.8 fc 
  • CIE1931 x:0.4404 
  • CIE1931 y:0.4104 
  • CIE1976 u':0.2501 
  • CIE1976 v':0.5243 
  • λp:676 nm 
  • λD:582 nm 
  • Purity(Pe):55 % 
  • Duv:0.0020 
  • SP Ratio:1.5 
  • PPFD(380-780nm):6.89 μmol/㎡/s 
  • TLCI(Qa):99.7 
  • GAI:53.3

Filter thickness of only 2mm, it can be used for matte box and Cokin Z-series filter holder.

We provide three type, Full ND, Vertical Gradient ND, Horizontal Gradient ND,and four different levels filter, ND0.3, ND0.6, ND0.9, ND1.2, and all come with a carry bag that can protect glass filter well.


Skier Hot Mirror filters are the perfect solution for IR pollution with no appreciable reduction in visible light transmission.  They are made of lapping optical glass.


*While you use the filter, the surface with engraving should face away from the camera.





In these two graphics you can tell, if you choose a ND filter with IR cut, it will decrease the haze and make your image more vivid.



Using other brand filters

Using Skier ND IR filter, Its shows more details in the shadow side.


Size:4x4 inch

Weight:50 g 

Thickness:2 mm

Plus Goods Purchased