Skier Sunray Copy Box ll (Expected Arrival in November 2019)

Product No. AAA520A

Price: $189 USD







The Skier Sunray Copy Box ll

None flash frequency -- High CRI 96 -- Full spectrum

Fast and high quality to copy film.

Best memories are invaluable.







CRI (Ra) : 96

TLCI : 98.8

Lumens : 1250lm

Color temperture : 5600K

Luminous efficiency : 69 (lm/w)

Volt : 100-240v

Size : 23x16x6.5cm

Weight : 622g

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Skier Sunray Copy Box(KEYSTONE)


Convert Film Negatives To Positive - Tutorial(PHOTO IN COLOR)



Sales completed

To arrive in November



Lumens: 1250lm

Color temperture: 5600K

Luminous efficiency: 69 (lm/w)

CRI: Ra96


Volt : 100-240v


Size: 23x16x6.5cm

Weight: 622g

 US plug in 




1x Light box body

2x film holder (for 135 film: 35mm, for 120 film: 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7)