Skier in action


Kimura Shigeaki



Kimura, Shigeaki- Japanese Cinematographer.



Mr. Kimura is specialized in Motion Pictures,

TV Drama, and Commercial advertisement field.


Director of photography of “GREEN TEA-R”(2004),




Silver Screen award winning of 39th U.S. International Film & Video Festival.

Finished an independent documentary film “Blue Green Blue”

all by him-self with a 5D at year 2011 and expend the flexibility of DSLR.

The latest film “Sun Flower” and mini TV series of NHK are both released recently.

Both of them are done with Skier's Follow Focus.


Mr.Kimura mentioned:


With DSLRs are commonly used in video films, many related rig products are out to the market.

Many of them are un-necessary designed and with low quality.
This kind copy-cat knock off tendency is understandable.
However more than important about that is,

Not only the product must fulfill the needs and such qualifications of the use of professionals,

Also providing solutions of image compositions, be supportive and also be count on as well.

Through these consideration points,


Skier's follow focus satisfied my demands during work.




Especially with Canon EF lenses,






They are not particular designed for film like footages.

Regarding this matter focusing is bit tough.
Most FF products released from many manufactures,

Are not comfortable matched with the lenses because of the play are much noticeable.


But with Skier's FF,




It's sophisticated use of the main gear torque distribution and steel structures provides smooth and steady focus movements.

Compare with other manufacture's FF,

It's much easier to adjust position in a set-up rig, more comfortable touches, and much reachable price for reduce production budget.

Though the FF is in a very reasonable price,

I have no related thought of cheap made quality.


I strongly recommend Skier's FF for all the lenses which includes the film lenses as well.



Sun-flower (Under Construction)